Buy Dragginator eggs with crypto

You can always get eggs with Bismuth see the help
To get a bis address (required), just install the official bis wallet from latest official github release
Please paste your Bis address below:


   5 eggs (+ 0.5 Bis bonus) $10
   10 eggs (+ 1 Bis bonus) $18

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Ethereum   ETH Fast and reasonable fees
Litecoin   LTC Fast and reasonable fees
DASH   DASH Fast and very low fees
Bitcoin   BTC Slowest, high fees
Bitcoin Cash   BCH Slow, low fees

Each Egg you buy with crypto (other than Bismuth) comes with a 0.1 Bis gift so you will be able to use them.
Each bismuth transaction costs about 0.016 bis, and you will need some transactions to sell or transfer your eggs, as well as make them hatch.
With this pack, you're covered :)
Please note that each egg is unique and built specially for you, with unique transaction data embedded in its DNA.
So it's a customized product that can't be refunded.
By buying, you acknowledge that an egg is a collectible, virtual, non fungible token that has no monetary value by itself.