The August 2018 Draggon's Eggs Soccer Cup

Yep, draggon's eggs do play soccer! Each egg does control his team by telekinesy.
Rules are very close to our soccer rules.
Registration is open until Saturday August 25 at 14:00 UTC

The prizes

We are still looking for sponsors. If you know some company that would be willing to offer something, please tell!
At the very least, here are the prizes:

- #1: 450 BIS + 50 $EGG + a Special "Gold cup egg"
- #2: 260 BIS + 50 $EGG + a Special "Silver cup egg"
- #3: 160 BIS + 25 $EGG + a Special "Bronze cup egg"
- #4: 130 BIS
- #5: 100 BIS

we are looking for sponsors, the prize list will evolve. If you want to give some prize, see this page and contact us!

Sponsors: We got 1000 Bis from the bismuth foundation and added 100 Bis of our own funds.

(If the same person wins with severals eggs, he will only get the highest reward, and the other one will be given to the next)

Current stats


Registered eggs


Registered addresses

How to play?

Any regular egg is free to participate (Naja, Regulus, Zaltys).
In order to participate, the owner of the egg has to register.
- Register before Saturday August 25 at 14:00 UTC
- Max 5 eggs per owner, choose them carefully
- Merged eggs are allowed
* If you merge a registered egg, You won't get the registration slot back.

How will the cup take place?

Like a regular soccer cup, there will be pools then eliminatory steps.
The number of steps will depend on the number of registered eggs.

Will I have to do something to play the games?

Your eggs will play themselves, depending on their own capabilities.
You can't help them once the cup is started. The best you can do is choose them carefully.

What if I loose?

Well, your egg history will keep track of your wins and defeats, but nothing will happen to your egg.
We take great care not to harm any egg during the game, we have shell healers and chatterton ready just in case.

How to select the best eggs for the cup?

That's the 1 million dollar question :D

All matches are fully simulated using a custom pseudo deterministic engine.
That algorithm does use some of each egg features as a basis, but let also some space for randomness.
So a match between the 2 same eggs may have a different outcome.

Here is what we can tell about some mechanisms and what features are involved:

  • Strategy does play a role in real soccer. So does it here. In fact, in our simulator, the strategy is used to raise one random characteristic among 3 of your egg.
    The more the strategy, the more one other feature will be multiplied.
  • Endurance is crucial. This is the "stamina" feature. During the first half, your egg will get more and more (so will your adversary).
    This will lower its speed, stength and agility. He will catch some back for the second half, but not all.
    The more the endurance, the slower your egg gets tired.
  • Bravery, Speed or Agility vs your adversary owns metrics may be used to decide of the probability of an offensive action.
  • Power and agility decide of the outcome of a possible strike: clean shot or miss
  • Agility of the defensor decides of the probability to save a goal.

That being said, keep in mind that the rules of our simulator are complex and let randomness play a role.
Some eggs will have near the perfect profile and may win more often, but it would be extremely rare for a single egg to win all its matches
(we tested on thousands of virtual matches, the maths look good).
so, every egg has some chances to win, and you have some insights of what features may play a more proeminent role.