What is Dragginator?

Dragginator is a blockchain game based upon collectible virtual animals you can raise and breed.

Each one is born as an Egg, with specific DNA info.
Each one is more or less capable for a specific task, and can be common or very rare.
The game also features 3D graphics.

What can i do with an egg?

Once you got an egg, it's linked to your address. You are it's sole owner and have great powers on it.

Right now, when you get a dragginator Egg, you have:
- A static 3D rendering of your Egg
- Its custom Abilities radar chart
- It's rarity

Now that the marketplace is open, you are able to sell your eggs the price you want, with Dragginator acting as an escrow.

Then, we plan to have Eggs hatching, breeding... and much more :)

How can i get an egg?

To get a Dragginator Egg, you need either an $EGG Token, or some Bis (Bismuth).
In either case, for now you need a Bismuth Wallet: get it from the official repo:

Eggs can be won with Eggpool.net or Bismuth, more details coming.
In any case, you can always buy a Dragginator Egg with a few Bis.

Send 1 $EGG (the token) or 5 Bis 3 Bis (price increased and will again) to our address: 9ba0f8ca03439a8b4222b256a5f56f4f563f6d83755f525992fa5daf
Bis url to buy with Bis:
Bis url to buy with $EGG:
See the market help to know how to use a bis url
Buy some Dragginator Eggs with other cryptocurrencies    ...

You can also get special eggs, see this page

Your Egg will then be made, and you will get a transaction back with your Egg's DNA as a message. Search for the DNA on our home page to get it's status page, with rendering and all.

How to transfer an egg?

To transfer a Dragginator Egg, you need to make a specific transaction with your bismuth wallet:
- Paste the new owner address in the recipient field
- Paste the egg's dna in the data field
- Set operation field to "dragg:transfer" - without quotes -