What is the game?

Here is a prototype dragginator 3D game.
The goal is to make Eggs owners able to play with their draggons!
For now, it's a world where you can walk and fly your draggon, and explore the virtual world.
Take some time to familiarize with the commands and your draggon behaviour, because more complex games will come later on...
Also, you're most welcome to take pictures and videos of your draggon - each one is unique, of course - and post them on social media.
The best ones may be rewarded ;)

How to register?

You can play with all four types of eggs: Fire, Water, Earth and Air
To register, an egg has to be at least 30 days old.
If you have an egg old enough, go to your egg page, then in the "game" tab, copy the bis url and paste it in your wallet, then send the transaction.
Then, you have a choice:
- Wait one day
- find your egg in the game
Once this is done, you can send a "dragg:hatch" transaction. (also in the "game" tab on your egg page).
Then, wait a few minutes, and you can play...
Here is a little recap:


How to play?

-First, you have to download the game:
- Windows version
- Linux version
- Mac version
-Then, unzip the file.
to Start the game, just launch "Dragginator.exe"
In the first field, enter the egg DNA, and in the second, the egg DNA encrypted with your private key.
It's your custom draggon after all, only you can have fun with him!

If you launch the game before sending the "dragg:hatch" command, you will see your egg, but you won't be able to do anything with it.
If you sent the command, then wait a few seconds, then your egg will hatch!
Watch carefully - Or record the video - because an egg can only hatch once... The controls:
- WASD to move - or directional arrows
- Q to fly
- SPACE to jump or fly up
- C to fly down
- T to switch between draggon camera and fixed camera
- Y to set the fixed camera at the draggon camera position
(so you can see your draggon from a fixed point of view, and record interesting videos)
- 1, 2 or 3 to switch between three speeds
- move the mouse to look around
The camera does not automatically follow the draggon's head, you have to adjust if you want a point of view feeling, flying on draggon's back.

What is new with draggons?

There are no big changes: you still can send, sell, or buy draggons like you did with eggs. But you can't merge draggons of course ;)
For now, draggons have a default image, but later, you'll be able to take pictures of your draggons and post them on their page.