What is the game?

So, here is the beta of a first dragginator 3D game.
It's a first step to get your egg hatching and play with your draggons (and yes, you will get a 3D unique draggon you can play with!)
The scenario:
You are on an almost desert island, looking for your rare draggon eggs. You know the egg is hiding somewhere on the island, but have to explore to find it.
The egg is hidden in a rock, a tree, or something...
Hopefully, You have some help from the magical sphere you came with. It has been tuned with the specific DNA of your draggon.
When you activate it, it shows the direction to look for.
Explore the island, find your egg. Once you think you got it, launch your spell and it may appear.
Watch for your energy jauge: each time you use some magic, it drops, but fills up with time.
Once you found your egg, you'll bring it home and make it ready to hatch.
Draggon eggs are very sensitive and require a specific environment before they can hatch.
As for now, only Fire eggs can be found.
Other eggs will then follow

How to register?

For now, you can only play with fire eggs. to register, go to the egg page, in the "game" tab, paste the bis url in your wallet, and send the transaction.
Then, you should wait some minutes, before you start the game.

How to play?

-First, you have to download the game:
- Windows version
- Linux version
- Mac version
-Then, unzip the file.
to Start the game, just launch "Dragginator.exe"
In the first field, enter the egg DNA, and in the second, the egg DNA encrypted with your private key.

The controls:
- WASD to move
- B to switch the sphere
- V to activate the sphere power
- Esc to access the menu
Once you find the egg, wait 30 seconds to bring it back home