Merge: Check eggs compatibility - docs

The Merge Function now cost 0.5 Bis

Merging your eggs

Merging is a magical operation that takes two eggs, merge them and produces a new egg, with different properties.
This can be used to improve the abilities of your eggs, but beware! There are some limitations, and a few pitfalls :D

- Of course, you can only merge Eggs of yours.
- Only regular eggs can be merged (Naja, Regulus, and Zaltys)
- Both eggs have to be compatible: Same species, same element.

One of the egg - you can't decide which one - will absorb the other one.
Both eggs will disappear - be archived on the website - and you will receive a brand new egg.
This new egg should be close - in appearence - to one of the base eggs, but it will still differ a little.
As for abilities, there goes the magic... The egg absorbed what it could manage from the other one.
That means that by merging two low or average eggs, you may end up with a significantly stronger egg.
Sometimes, the odds are against you and it will not work as expected.

Please note that:
- When you merge 2 eggs, you get one, but you loose the base eggs.
- You will not be able to go back: all merges are definitive
- You never can fully predict the result of a merge. It uses some fixed rules, but also a small part of randomness, to keep things interesting.

How does that work?

Paste the DNA of your two eggs above, then click "check compability".
The system will verify both eggs are compatible and show you a combined radar view of their abilities.
You also get a bis url you just have to paste and send from your regular Bismuth Wallet.


For you devs, or if you want to do it all by hand, the transaction has the following format:
- recipient: 9ba0f8ca03439a8b4222b256a5f56f4f563f6d83755f525992fa5daf
- operation: dragg:merge
- data: dna_1:dna_2
Warning: if you do it by hand, check all the constraints.
Invalid transactions will be sent by your wallet anyway, but will merge no egg since dragginator will check also and not validate.